Off-ice Officials' Handbook
This publication is intended to provide suggested structures, personnel, responsibilities and procedures for the operation of a hockey game by the assigned Off-Ice Officials. We believe that this publication will be useful to Member National Association (MNA’s), leagues, clubs and organizers operating games under the jurisdiction of a member national association. As such, any MNA, league or club can alter any portion of this document to conform to their own needs and purposes. 

The Off-Ice Officials’ Handbook provides guidelines for the responsibilities, duties and procedures to be followed and applied for a Scorekeeper, a Timekeeper, an Announcer, the Goal Judges and the Penalty Box Attendants. 

The responsibilities, duties and procedures for the Off-Ice Officials assigned to an IIHF competition are contained in separate documentation that is available from the IIHF Office.
Off-Ice Officials Handbook (Jan. 2015)