Rules Bulletin
Since the 1999-2000 season, the IIHF has worked to improve the quality of the game and the safety of the players while ensuring that the contests are played within the rules governing the sport to promote the positive image of hockey, and to give the opportunity for players to use their skills for the benefit of fans to witness great performances on the ice.
Each year, the IIHF has prodeuced an IIHF Rules Emphasis Bulletin, highlighting the rules which we should focus on in order to acheive this goal. The bulletins are written for the benefit of our game officials, players and coaches participating in IIHF competitions.
2009-2010 Rule Emphasis Bulletin
IIHF Officiating Standard
IIHF Officiating Standard - hits along the board, slashing, spearing
IIHF Faceoff Standard (updated October 2017)