The International Ice Hockey Federation is pleased to introduce the updated version of the IIHF Officiating Procedures Manual (OPM) on June 15, 2009. This manual has been updated by the IIHF Officiating Committee in co-operation with the IIHF Office. In the new version you will find tips for game officials regarding different items of officiating. The updated OPM contains the materials and tips combined from different IIHF championships and events including the World Championships which have been collected by IIHF referee supervisors. Section “Positioning” contains the adjustments due to the rule changes which will come into effect from July 1, 2009.


The material will be interesting for game officials of different levels, national association referee-in-chiefs, national association instructors and all people who want to become a game official or who want to improve their skills.

The IIHF Officials Procedures Manual is available for all game officials to reference as a guide at games. Download the full version (PDF, 10.8 MB) or click on the sections below.


After operating the Four-Man Officiating system at the Continental Cup, European Champions Cup and the World U20 Championship at the start of the 2008 season; and taking into consideration that some nations will begin to use this officiating system in the near future and at the 2008 World Championship, the IIHF has published a Procedures Manual for the Four-Man system. The manual contains some procedures and guidelines that were implemented in the above mentioned IIHF events. This material should be useful for officiating staff members in the various countries that are looking at implementing the Four-Man system and the Directors of Officiating of national leagues and also the IIHF Game Officials.
OPM - 4-Man Officiating System


The IIHF updated measurement standards for goaltender's equipment, which affect goalies primarily from the waist down. These equipment standards are written in the spirit of 'fair play' and are a supplement to the IIHF Rule Book.
If at any time the IIHF feels that this spirit is being abused, the offending equipment will be deemed ineligible for play until a hearing has ruled on its eligibility.