Prices starting at €10
by Organizing Committee|11 SEP 2018
Slovak fans celebrate a goal during the 2011 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the last time the event was held in the country.
photo: Matthew Manor / HHOF-IIHF Images
The organizing committee of the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Slovakia has released details for ticket sales for the upcoming tournament.

“We had to take various factors into consideration when determining our ticket prices, including expenses to run the event,“ explained Slovak Ice Hockey Federation President Martin Kohut. “The primary criterion for us was to set affordable prices for all fans. We were trying not to exceed the price structure established by the Czech Republic when they organized the championship in 2015. It turned out to be successful. We are very confident that fans will be able to afford seeing their favourite teams play.”

The organizing committee took into consideration the attractiveness of particular games and in the later stages. Tickets for preliminary-round games will be sold in two price categories - from 20 to 75€ (1st category), and from 10 to 60€ (2nd category).

Ticket prices

Tickets will be available in three packages – individual games, event pass, and “Follow Your Team” passes.

Single-game tickets for preliminary-round games in Bratislava will cost from €70-155 and €45-115. In Kosice the prices range from €60-175, and €45-135. Tickets for quarter-finals, semi-finals, the bronze medal and gold medal games will range from €180-475 and €125-400 respectively.

Playoff games will be held in both Bratislava and Kosice. The Eastern Slovakia city of Kosice will hold two quarter-final games as will Bratislava, the Slovak capital. Tickets will be sold in two price categories as well. Tickets for the quarter-finals will cost €70-100, and for the semi-finals between €160 and €200. Bronze medal game tickets will be €145-180, and for the gold medal final €300-350.

Fans looking for the event pass to every game in Bratislava (34 games) will pay between €1,590-2,050, and in Kosice (30 games) the event pass will be €1,015-1,355. The preliminary round package (28 matches) is €985-€1,295. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, bronze-medal and gold-medal package (6 playoff games in Bratislava) costs €815-1,015.

"Follow Your Team" tickets, which are sold for all preliminary-round games for one specific team (7 games), cost between €310-475 in the 1st category and €230-380 in the 2nd category.

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Sale starts 19 September at 9:19am

Tickets will be sold in three stages. The first stage begins on a magic date – Wednesday, 19 September at 9:19am local time (CET). “Tickets will be sold in the offline shops of Ticketportal,“ explained the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship head of marketing Vladimir Jancek. Tickets will also be available on the official championship website, where fans can find all important information.

During the first stage of the sale, fans will be able to buy preliminary round package, preliminary round daily tickets, a limited number of "Follow Your Team" tickets, and event passes for all 2019 IIHF WM matches.

The second stage of sales will start in December 2018, when fans will be able to buy individual tickets for playoff matches, including the semi-finals, bronze medal, and gold-medal games. 

The final stage of sale will start in February 2019 at which time fans will be able to buy tickets for specific games. “We will release 30% of all tickets in the first stage when we believe all of Slovakia’s games and other top teams will sell out quickly, so we urge fans not to wait until February to buy individual tickets because they might not be available,“ added Kohut.

More than 430,000 tickets available

About 75 percent of the overall capacity of both arenas will go to sale. The capacity at the Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava is 9,774, at the Steel Arena in Kosice 8,165 seats. The “seat killing” is necessary as the IIHF, teams, media and technical locations will take about 25 percent from the overall capacity in each arena.

“Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do with the capacity of arenas. In all, there will be about 430,000 tickets released for public sale. Even though the approaching championship will not set an all-time record, we believe that the arenas will be as full as possible,“ Kohut added. 

Ticket limit of 4 per person

It is important that fans buy tickets only from an authorized retailer and on the official championship websites. Each ticket has enhanced visual elements to prevent counterfeiting. “Tickets will include a hologram, bar code, and sale number, and there will be thermal printing on the hard-copy tickets (tickets sold in offline shops). Tickets bought online will include the bar code, ticket number, sale number, and QR code,“ said Stanislava Sebenova from Ticketportal. “Our company is confident in the reliability of this ticketing system, and we will be able to handle the high volume of sales we’re expecting.“

Buying tickets does come with purchase limits. Each fan can buy only four tickets in a selected category, and the online booking time is 48 hours. “Tickets cannot be distributed, sold, displayed or be offered for sale without the permission from the organizer. They cannot be used for advertising, promotional, or any other commercial purposes without prior approval,” said the 2019 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship marketing manager Lukas Donoval. 

Finally, both areas will have special access for wheelchairs. There will be 10 seats in Bratislava and 19 in Kosice specifically for this purpose, and tickets are free of charge. Persons accompanying the wheelchair fans will pay 50% of the 1st category ticket price. To book these seats fans must call Ticketportal at +421 905 700 909 or +421 2 52 93 33 21.