A better Ondrej Nepela Arena
by Organizing Committee|22 MAY 2018
The Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava.
With the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship a year away, Bratislava’s Ondrej Nepela Arena will be undergoing a renovation in time to host the hockey world.

From 10 to 26 May 2019, Slovakia‘s capital city and the city of Kosice will welcome the top hockey players again. Indeed, both ice rinks will be renovated.

Bratislava and Kosice hosted the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship eight years ago, but the arenas have become a little outdated in the years since. While Kosice is waiting for a bigger maintenance, in Bratislava they just have just started with the reconstruction of the refrigeration system. “The ice rink and its surroundings were closed last week because workers are handling the aforementioned refrigeration systems. The range of the work is wide and, according to current information, it should be finished in August,” said the organisation committee director in Bratislava, Roman Stambersky.

Besides upgrading the refrigeration system, there will be new boards, and the rink itself will be refurbished. The dressing rooms and their nearby areas will also be improved before the championship. „During the current closing of the ice rink, we would like to upgrade our IT abilities and current distribution systems. It will be ideal to finish in time for next year’s tournament,“ Stambersky added.

The Ondrej Nepela Arena is centrally located in Bratislava’s beautiful city centre. Entrance to the arena will be from the square adjacent to the rink. “Spectators will go through a double-zone check, which is a necessary precaution for such events. At the first zone we will check tickets and ensure that fans don’t carry forbidden items. The second zone will be for body searches,“ Stambersky explained.